And We Have A Winner!

Delighted to announce that, after three attempts' we have been able to award a prize to one of our lucky site visitors. Tim McShane was visitor number 12321 and receives goods to the value of £25 from 'The Corner Shop' The next visitor prize will go to visitor number 13131 - If that's you, just send a screen shot to to claim your prize. Well done Tim and good lucj#k to everyone else.

I Cant's Give It Away!

I've been trying to give away a prize to celebrate clocking over 12,000 visitors to my website, but no-one has yet claimed it. The way to win is very simple, just visit the website and hopefully have a look around all the funky new content in sections like 'The Virtual Folk Club' and 'The Big Quiz' and maybe pick up a bargain-priced Peterloo Tee-shirt! Then check the visitor counter - I'm looking for visitor number 12321 - all you need to do is contact me via the website link or by email and show me proof with a screen-shot or camera photo of the counter showing 12321 and a worthwhile prize will be winging it's way to you very soon. Good Luck!

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