A New Peterloo Publication

JACK STAFFORD - CHARLESTOWN POET - AND HIS PETERLOO FAMILY This brand new publication is a collection of thirteen songs written by Ashton-born Jack Stafford. Although he was barely literate he had a gift for poetry and song and his work was published during his lifetime. Only one copy of the original survives today in the local library. This volume, written by his descendant Keith Stafford and produced in collaboration with All Things Considered, brings them together once more along with a wealth of other information charting the story of Peterloo and Jack and his family, at least 5 of whom were there on that fateful day. available now from 'The Corner Shop'

Peterloo Merchandise now HALF PRICE

We've now cut the price of a wide range of tee-shirts, hats, caps and maps by a massive 50% Grab a bargain NOW by visiting the Corner Shop and clicking on 'Peterloo Merchandise' in the drop down menu.

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