Books and Publishing

Bedford Falls Publishing will specialise in Local History, Family History and Song Collections, this will be a hub for anyone who has had 'a book in them' but who has yet to realise their ambition.

In addition to publishing already prepared manuscripts we will offer a simple, affordable alternative to 'Vanity Publishing' sites, helping you through every step of the process from rough notes to the finished product.

We will also seek out and hitherto unseen works and re-publish others in a fresh, new form for a new audience of readers.



Revised and re-edited. An account of the life-saving exploits of the Salford Hero, Mark Addy. and stories of the River beside which he lived. Martin Gittins. (PU)

Step back in time and re-live the childhood of Eric Hargreaves, as he reminisces about life in days gone by. Illustrated and edited by Martin Gittins. (PU)

The story of a humble Man, with a huge burden to bear and a secret he must secure. Set in the Greek Island of Corfu. Martin Gittins. (PR)

Scenes from the life of Bartley Smith, a Crumpsall Carter born in the early part of the twentieth century. Edited and illustrated by Martin Gittins. (PR)

A collection of essays written by residents of Collyhurst for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Originally published in 1976 by Manchester Cultural Services.

This version edited and illustrated by Martin Gittins. (PR)

A collection of reminiscences about the Manchester Sports Guild Folk Club. Published in aid of Charity. Edited by Martin Gittins. (PU)

Celebrating 40 years of The Middleton Pace Egg Play. including press cuttings, photos and reminiscences. Martin (The Doctor) Gittins. (PU)

A history of St. Chad's Roman Catholic Church, Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

The Mother Church of Manchester. (PU)

Recently discovered, just a few copies of this original booklet from 1980. Thought to have sold out years ago! (PU)

A new compilation of personal reminiscences combining a re-print of  a book first produced in 1990 with additional material from the 1980s. (PU)

Discover the surprising wealth of history in this small, often overlooked suburb of north Manchester. A fascinating look into the city's past. Martin Gittins (PU)

Follow the exploits of Geroff as he travels through The Holy Land in search of ICKLEBABYJESUS with some alarming results. Geoff Higginbottom (PU)

The further adventures of Geroff, The Lovely Rachel and Sinai the Cat Nav as they wend their way from the Holy Land to Albion, via Heaton Mersey. (PU)

Geroff, continues to wander through the country trying to make sense of history whilst at the same time changing most of it. (PU)

More incredible wanderings of Geroff and his entourage, and more hapless interference with the smooth running of history in this instalment. (PU)

Will the torment never cease? Will the ramblings never end? Will Geroff ever stop putting his foot in it? To find out, read on... (PU)

The first in a series of self-guided circular walks which begin and end at Crumpsall Green. The first takes a look at the history of  Wilton Road, Holland Road and the north side of Crumpsall Lane. (PU)

The second book in this series takes the walker up the south side of  Crumpsall Lane, along Middleton Road to The Half Way House and back to Crumpsall Green by way of Wilton Polygon, St Mary's Road and Station Road. (PU)

Volume three covers Station Road, Seymour Road, Bury Old Road, and Cravenwood Road and the area contained within these boundaries. (PR)