New Book Re-Writes History

A new book by Geoff Higginbottom has brought to light the true story behind the search for the source of the River Nile. The book 'Finding Edwin' shows how Geoff's Great uncle, Edwin Higginbottom was the driving force behind an expedition led by Sir Samuel Baker, and how Edwin, a skilled engineer, made the entire undertaking possible. To read more, go to where you can also obtain a discount on the retail price.

CLEARANCE SALE starts today.

Starting today and on the first day of each month from now on the price of most Peterloo merchandise will be reduced by 10% So today, a tee shirt will drop from £15 to £13.50. On 1st March it will reduce to £12.00 On April 1st (no fooling!) it will be down to £10.50 and so on until the price reaches £6.00 or until stock runs out, whichever happens first. BEWARE! there is limited stock in several colours and sizes! Are you brave enough to wait for the lowest price or will you grab a quick bargain while you can??? N.B. This deal applies only to single colour screen printed tee shirts and to embroidered beanie hats and baseball caps. The Peterloo 'Metrolink Map' style and embroidered 'sabred he

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