Martin Gittins

After 33 memorable years playing and singing alongside Bob Ashworth as one half of Bunting and Frolics, Martin is once again available as a solo artiste.

With a background in several folks clubs in Greater Manchester - notably the Legendary Star Inn Folk Club in Salford and the Moonraker Folk Club in Middleton - he cut his musical teeth surrounded by many of the best acts of the 80s and 90s.

Offering an 'eclectic' (I love that word!) mix of humorous, traditional, modern and self-penned songs and poems he is available for functions, folk clubs and frivolity. 07760 430 577

Robert Hastings Ashworth - 'Bob'  27.07.1950 - 14.06.2019

Bob passed away peacefully in his sleep at Oldham General Hospital

on the afternoon of Saturday 14th June, with his sister Tricia and

brother in law Steve at his bedside.

Bob had been unwell for some time and, despite the best efforts of

the medical staff his condition deteriorated and he was unable to recover.

Tear down the bunting, let the frolics cease - Bob has left the building.

Bob Ashworth and Martin Gittins were active individually on the local Folk Music scene for many years, but then, in 1986, they came together to form the duo ‘Bunting and Frolics’, cleverly doubling their repertoire to a stunning seven (7) songs!

As Bunting and Frolics they have been getting away with their so-called ‘act’ for over three decades, thus proving that you CAN fool all of the people all of the time!

For many years Martin ran a successful Folk Club at The Star Inn, Salford, and, at the same time, Bob ran a failing Second Hand Tripe stall on Conran Street Market.

Lately, they have been involved in various projects commemorating the Peterloo Massacre, including a performance piece entitled ‘Peterloo – Soldiers On The Rampage’ in which they are joined by the writer of the work local folk leg-end Geoff Higginbottom to form 'The Free Radicals'.

The trio also appear as 'Flat Back Four' when they perform Geoff's other musical documentary 'The Flowers Of Manchester' telling the story of Manchester United and the Munich Air Crash

Martin has a deep interest in Local History whilst Bob has a deep interest in gin.

Here we are performing Mike Canavan's ode to Collyhurst 'Don't Bring That In Here Lad' at the Collyhurst Hall Archaeological Dig.

Here's a VERY HASTILY produced video of a song I wrote for Tom Paxton, after he announced in 2015 that he would not be touring any more!


In January DURING HIS SHORT TOUR! I was able to give him a copy of the words when we met him after the show at The Lowry.