Welcome to the Virtual Folk Club

Here is compiled a wide range of sound and video recordings from as long ago as the mid 1970s.


Of course, given the age of some of the earlier recordings, the quality is, to say the least, 'variable' but regardless of the quality the content is a valuable record of performers and venues which  provided the opportunity for thousands of people to perform, listen socialise and  share their interest in live Folk Music.

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In some cases the recordings will be available to listen to directly from the audio button on this site. In other cases there will be a link which will re-direct you to wherever the content is stored. This makes it much easier to amass a large collection without having to move all the content to one site.


Sadly, many of the performers who are featured here are no longer with us and, where possible, this has been marked in the accompanying notes.

When you listen to any of these recordings you may have memories of people and events related to them, please send your reminiscences to me so I can post them here. Similarly, if you have access to any other recordings which you would like to share please contact me on conduitzzz@outlook.com.

For simplicity, and to retain the atmosphere of the original recordings, I have not carried out any editing and the tapes appear here in their entirety. A list of performers accompanies each recording and where available the songs/tunes performed are listed.

(N.B. the two 'halves' of the evening as listed may not always coincide with the two or sometimes three recordings, which have been split according to file size and not by the running time)

For convenience the content is divided

into sections. On this page you will find

audio recordings of Folk Clubs from

Manchester and Salford.



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