It's All Free!!

After two years' work and six months trying to promote a subscription system for my 'Beyond Peterloo' website I have decided to make it FREE, to EVERYONE, FOREVER. It has become apparent that I do not have the ability to promote the website content widely enough to attract subscribers, as I had originally planned and, rather than leave the content locked away in an unseen file this is what I have decided. To go directly to the new section use the link. below. If you wish to make a donation to support the work of maintaining, improving and adding to the site in future, there is a 'DONATE' button on the page. Of course, your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated. I hope you find t

All Stock Must Go!

I am currently running down all my stocks of Black, White and Red Commemorative Peterloo Tee Shirts, and all Peterloo Caps and Beanie Hats. The current discount is 20%, making the cost £12 for tee shirts and £8 for hats and caps. (Peterloo Map and Embroidered Heart designs remain priced at £18.19 each.) On 1st April the price will reduce by another 10%, and so on each month until I reach half price, in June. However, I am down to the last few in some colours and sizes, so if you want one, BUY NOW while stocks last! Email now if you want to check availability. N.B. There will be no more shirts, caps or hats once these have been sold.

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