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Beyond Peterloo

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Part encyclopedia, part guide book, part magazine part reference work; the aim is for Beyond Peterloo to become the one-stop location for all things to do with The Peterloo Massacre.


The site will be constantly updated with new content, reflecting the continuing story of the commemoration of this historic event. Books, films, documentaries, articles, events will all be detailed here, with simple navigation between sections.

The best reference book in the world will only be as complete as on the day it is published - Beyond Peterloo will continue to evolve over time.

Contributions will be welcomed from anyone who wants to share information about new events, publications or research and a forum is planned where people can communicate with others and share their common interest.

Beyond Peterloo is a free resource which has taken a long time to produce and which will entail regular maintenance to keep things working smoothly, to add content and to respond to queries and contributions. 

If you would like to help by supporting this work, you can  

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