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JOHNNY COLLINS & JIM MAGEEAN                         LISTEN

HOWARD BOND                                                                LISTEN




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ALAN TAYLOR                                                                    LISTEN

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SCOLD'S BRIDLE                                                               LISTEN

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TRITON FOLK CLUB, LIVERPOOL                         GO TO

DEREK GIFFORD                                                              LISTEN


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GILL BURNS                                                                       LISTEN

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CRYIL TAWNEY                                                                 LISTEN

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PETER BOND                                                                      LISTEN

TED EDWARDS                                                                  LISTEN


THE BOOTSCOOTERS                                                        LISTEN

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dicconson arms, wrightington


Last Night at the Dicconson Arms - 22.07.1982 (Part 1)
Last Night at the Dicconson Arms - 22.07.1982 (Part 2)
Last Night at the Dicconson Arms - 22.07.1982 (Part 3)
dicc arms.jpg


(Recorded by Mark Dowding)

Derek Gifford - Hal and Tow, Birthday Cake City

Mike Hughes - July Wakes, Petals of a Poppy, Liverpool Girls

Mark Dowding - First Day at t’Mill, Backbone of Leyth, Along the Rossendale

Southport Swords, Salmon tales up the river, Old fashioned mother of mine

Phil Hartley - My Brother Sylveste, Waters of Tyne, is that the moon

Derek Harrison - Rare auld times, Time

John Dowding - Old Hercules

Ian McCardle - Wild Rover

Paul McCardle - Is your love in vain?

Jan - As I roved Out

Martin Banks - Galway Shawl, Home Boys Home

Final Residents  spot - Flower of Scotland, Coal Hole Cavalry, Manchester Chambermaid, Lloyd George, Farewell Shanty

Johnny Collins & Jim Mageean -3rd September 1983 (Part 1)
Johnny Collins & Jim Mageean -3rd September 1983 (Part 2)
Johnny Collins & Jim Mageean -3rd September 1983 (Part 3)
Johnny Collins & Jim Mageean -3rd September 1983 (Part 4)
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[Held at Roebuck due to decoration at Dicconson Arms] (Recorded By Mark Dowding)


Titanic - Old Clog Dancer’s Song, Tailor’s Britches, Rigs of Rye, Tunes, Bedlam Boys


Johnny Collins & Jim Mageean - Poor old horse, Rosabella, General Taylor, John Cherokee, Admiral Benbow, I’m Marching Inland, Marching, The Liner she’s a Lady, Cyril said it all before, Drinking Song


Martin Banks - Forward and fight for Charlie, Galway Shawl

Liz Suddel (?) -A man who loved me, Catch me if you can

Ron/Ronnettes - Bright Morning start arising

Mark Dowding - Bolinder Boatman, Baron & the Busker

Phil Hartley - Hedgehog song, Treadmill Song

Annie Mageean - Why that thundercloud looms (?) Sandgate lass on the ropery banks

Derek (?) Smallpipe tunes


Johnny Collins and Jim Mageean - While we are together, Silver in the Stuble, Sail Away, Napoleon Bonaparte, Is the Big Fellow Gone?, The Magpie, Miner’s Life, Roll the Union on, All the Good times

jim and johnny.jpg
Anchor 5
HOWARD BOND - 14th May 1982 (Part 1)
HOWARD BOND - 14th May 1982 (Part 3)
HOWARD BOND - 14th May 1982 (Part 2)
HOWARD BOND - 14th May 1982 (Part 4)

HOWARD BOND - MAY 14th 1982  (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Derek Gifford - John Barleycorn, Dives & Lazarus, Twankydillo, Early One Evening, Grey Funnel Line

Mike Hughes - Little Piecer, Cowboys Lament


Howard Bond -Frozen Rose, Man of the People, Maids of Coolmoor, Café Armageddon, Passing Cloud, Daddy’s Sauce


Titanic - Marie’s Wedding, She loved a Portugese

Mark Dowding - Stalybridge Station, Salmon 

Judith & Friend - Larks Sang Melodious, Dancing at Whitsun

Martin Banks - Home Boys Home, Eileen Aroon

Phil Hartley & Sue Ainscough -Is that the Moon?, It’s my town


Howard Bond -Life on the Reservation, Grimaldi, Just another Ale Mouth, In love without you, Body on the line, Pony Express


the george and dragon, billinge


Anchor 6
Harry Boardman - 9th January 1983 ( Part 1)
Harry Boardman - 9th January 1983 ( Part 2)
Harry Boardman - 9th January 1983 ( Part 3)
Harry Boardman - 9th January 1983 (Part 4)

HARRY BOARDMAN (R.I.P.) - JANUARY 9th 1983 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Caught on the Hop - Tobin’s Resource, Spotted Cow, Johnny Jump Up, Fasten the Leg in (?) Blarney Pilgrim (?) George Brown, Rambling Comber


Harry Boardman (R.I.P.) - I means to get Jolly well drunk, Billy Suet’s Song, As I went to Aylesbury, Well I tell thee Dick, Lord Franklin, Owd Wife of Coverdale , Lass o’ Dalogill  My Love My Love, Weavers’ Song, Topman and Afterguard , Soldier and a Sailor, The Unfortunate Rake, Pool


Bernie Forkin - Red Velvet Steering Cover Driver

Mark Dowding - Fine Old English Gentleman, Dirty Old Town, The Weavers’ Song

Illdanach -Homeruler, Kitty’s Wedding, Long Note, The Two Sisters,My Red Headed Love, The Geese in the Bog


Harry Boardman - Golden Stream, Cowd Stringy Pie, Awterations, Owd Hercules, Best o’ t’ Bunch, Rigs of London Town, Whaling Song, Bluey Brink, The Garland, Manchester Rambler, Fortune Turns the Wheel

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Bernard Wrigley - 17th April (Part 1)
Bernard Wrigley - 17th April (Part 2)
Bernard Wrigley - 17th April (Part 3)
Bernard Wrigley - 17th April (Part 4)

BERNARD WRIGLEY - APRIL 17th 1983 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Caught on the Hop - Merrily Kiss the Quaker, Come Haste To The Wedding, Bonny Ship The Diamond, King of the Fairies

Bernard Wrigley - Pie Saturday, Weaver of Wellbrook, Sam’s Medal, Martians Have Landed in Wigan


TAME - Whip Jamboree, Old Pendle, Spanish Ladies, Fiddlers’ Green, King Cotton, Home Boys Home

Bernard Wrigley - Headmster’s Speech, Shuffle in F/Cheek to Cheek, Tea Bag in My Coffee, K.N.A.C.K.E.R.E.D

Bernard Wrigley - On Again On Again, Brewers’ Droop, Vasectomy, September in the Rain


triton folk club, liverpool


Anchor 9
Derek Gifford - 18th April 1983 (Part 1)
Derek Gifford - 18th April 1983 (Part 3)
Derek Gifford - 18th April 1983 (Part 2)
Derek Gifford - 18th April 1983 (Part 4)
Anchor 10

DEREK GIFFORD, APRIL  18th 1983 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Triton Folk - Seth Davey, False Bride, An old Man Cam Courting Me, The Riddle Song, Young Apprentice, Joseph Baker, Glencoe, Rothsay-o


Derek Gifford - Tailor and the Crow, John Barleycorn, Kent and the Keer and the Lune, Logs to Burn, Joe Peel, The Bellringing, Marching Inland


Triton Folk - 

Wild Rover, Peggy Gordon, Marie’s Wedding, Bread and Fishes

Mark Dowding - Bolinder Boatman, Mr Lowry


Derek Gifford - Bring us a Barrel, The Nightingale, Haul away the Bowline – General Taylor – John Kanaka, Roll the old Chariot, Farewell Shanty


the ship, southport

Anchor 11


Gill Burns - 8th June 1983 (Part 1)
Gill Burns - 8th June 1983 (Part 3)
Gill Burns - 8th June 1983 (Part 2)
Gill Burns - 8th June 1983 (Part 4)

GILL BURNS -  JUNE 8th 1983 (Recorded By Mark Dowding)


Neville Grundy - Where do the Children Play, Times they are a changing, Fare thee well

Bernie Blaney - Ale, The Old Man’s Song, All the Good Times

Johnny Cope - Boys of Blue Hill, Hunting the Squirrel, The Good Man of Balingee(?) Spanish Ladies, Weather away the w?


Gill Burns - My Friend’s farm, Valentine O Hara, Henllan Hornpipe, Down by the Tanyard Side, Joseph Cross, Off She Goes, Lillee Burlero, Skates

Neville & Bernie - Mr Punch & Judy Man

Johnny Cope - Man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo

Mark Dowding - Bolinder Boatman

Howard - Buddy Holly Type song


Gill Burns - The Fiddler, Blantyre Explosion, Walsh’s Hornpipe – Fairie’s Hornpipe, Adam Rude, Argentina, Princess Royal – Trunkles, Fan It and Cool It

Anchor 12
Paul Metsers - 20th July 1983 (Part 1)
Paul Metsers - 20th July 1983 (Part 3)
Paul Metsers - 20th July 1983 (Part 2)
Paul Metsers - 20th July 1983 (Part 4)
Anchor 13

PAUL METSERS - JULY 20th 1983 (Recorded by Mark Dowding)


Bernie Blaney - Cheerful Horn, Fiddler’s Green

Neville Grundy - I don’t know what Love Is, Maimed Old Soldier, The Stillfjord reside

John Hobson & Howard Lees - O’Carolans concerto, Sweet Lorraine


Paul Metsers - Lose Myself in You, Peace Must Come, Faces Of Love, Seal Children, Good Intentions, Dancing Shoes


Bernie Blaney - Knocker Upper Man

Mark Dowding - Rust and Dust

Janet - Fiddler Madonna, Louisianna

John Hobson & Howard Lees - Honeysuckle Rose


Paul Metsers - No Quarter, It’s You in the End, Where the Blame Belongs, Brown Bird, Walls, Trouble in Mind


the bothy folk club

Anchor 14


Cyril Tawney - 25th September 1983 (Part 2)
Anchor 15
Cyril Tawney - 25th September 1983 (Part 1)
Cyril Tawney - 25th September 1983 (Part 3)
Cyril Tawney - 25th September 1983 (Part 4)

Cyril Tawney – September 25th 1983 (Recorded by Mark Dowding


Clive Pownceby - Turra Market, Billy Cocked Hat

Paul Reid, Steve Taylor, Ken Dunlop - King Of the Fairies, Reels in D&G, The Water is Wide, Tunes, Song Of Cider, ? de Montagne

Cathie Stewart - Carrickfurgus, Nana’s Song


Cyril Tawney - 

Grey Funnel Line, Rose in June, The Nutting Girl, The Suit of Grey, Drunken Sailor, As I was a Walking a long way from Home, The Amphitrite (Rounding the Horn) Beacon Park

Clive Pownceby - Jack The Gipsy

Paul And Ken - Tunes

Martin Simpson - Rambling Highwayman, Black Jack Davey, Mary and the Soldier


Cyril Tawney - Chicken on a Raft, Stanley the rat, Mary Anne, Married On Pension Day, St Brewood revel song, Sam Houston, Plymouth Lament

Anchor 16

horwich folk club