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the virtual folk club - video recordings


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audio recordings of Folk Clubs from

Manchester and Salford.


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During the lockdown of 2020, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many musicians took to the internet to entertain their audiences.


The result was a wealth of musical offerings along with spoken word and, in some cases, sophisticated editing allowing 2 0r more people to perform 'as live' in groups.


The use of 'zoom!' technology soared from 3 million to over 30 million per week and, before long, millions of people were enjoyed virtual folk nights in their own living rooms (or studies, or gardens...)

Here you will find links to just a small selection of some of those videos, but, with a little digging, it should be possible to unearth many more from other sources, notably YouTube and SnapChat.

If you have any videos yourself that you think would be of interest to viewers of this site please get in touch

individuals and groups



STE LEECH'S  SONG REQUEST PAGE                           GO TO

TONI BUNNEL VIDEOS                                                     GO TO

BARRY OATES VIDEOS                                                      GO TO

KEN AND RUTH POWELL VIDEOS                                GO TO

clubs, radio programmes and other

LYMM FOLK CLUB                                                              GO TO


OLDHAM RADIO 'SOUNDS OF FOLK'                           GO TO


CHORLTON FOLK CLUB                                                   GO TO


Mark's extraordinary catalogue of songs extends to almost 300

(at the last count) Watch them here. 

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the eagle, salford - 'online acoustic sessions' videos

The regulars of The Eagle Inn Acoustic Sessions began

meeting online a few weeks after lockdown started and

continued every 2 weeks (the sessions are normally once a month)

Sessions include contributions from Pete Robinson, Dave Mather,

Pete Martin, Stanley Accrington, Christy Morgan, Dominic Vaughan,

eff Williams, Linda Skipper, Mark Dowding, Rick Rybicki,

Lynn Walton and Martin Gittins.

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steve canavan's 'song a day' videos

Steve Canavan is the talented songwriter son of the talented songwriter

Mike Canavan, who was a stalwart of the Northewest Folk scene for decades. 

Steve's songs, whilst displaying much of the same clever observational style

as his dad's are uniquely his. 

During lockdown he posted a song a day - until he got bored.

You can watch them here.

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oldham community radio - 'sounds of folk' videos

Sounds of Folk, hosted by Bernard Cromarty is a weekly radio programme. During the lockdown the 'sounds' became the 'pictures' when the show took to the internet using Zoom! technology.

In addition, many regulars posted videos of themselves for everyone to enjoy. These and other information about the show are available on their Facebook Page.

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lymm folk club videos.

Lymm Folk Club is hosted by Bernard Cromarty.


In 'normal' times the club meets at 8.30pm each Thursday at the Spread Eagle pub in Lymm.

During the Coronavirus Lockdown the session has moved online via the ubiquitous 'Zoom!' technology.

In addition to the weekly sessions members and friends have posted a number of videos  to keep members happy whilst they are unable to attend the club.

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ste leech's song request page

Ste Leech is a talented singer, guitarist whose vast range of styles and genres has appeal to a wide audience.

He's constantly in demand for performances at pubs, festivals, parties and private functions, sometimes clocking up five or six appearances over the course of a single weekend.

This hard-working performer has been posting daily songs which you can watch by follwoing the link


toni bunnel music videos

Toni Bunnel plays hurdy gurdy, dulcitone, Appalachian Mountain dulcimer and fiddle.

Five CDs of original songs have been recorded as well as a new CD of tunes.

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chorlton folk club videos

Chorlton Folk Club was founded in 2002 and runs weekly sessions on Thursday evenings at South West Manchester Cricket Club.

The club is strictly acoustic but all genres of music are welcome.

Here is a video of a compilation of photographs from the club's outing on the Folk Train.

For more videos and club information follow the link to their facebook page.


the oddfellows, middleton - 'monday night at nine' videos

The Zoom! gatherings from the Oddies are hosted by

Stanley Accrington or Michelle Holding and feature many of the regular contibutors to the live session.

As this weekly session reached it's 26th meeting it became necessary to condense the space taken up by the videos .

Therefore you will find each video by clicking on the weekly date link instead of an image of the Zoom screen.

N.B. The links for March 30th and May 18th are faulty. We are trying to re-establish them.

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March 30th

May 18th

June 22nd

August 31st

August 10th #1

September 21st

November 23rd

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Barry Oates Sings 

'Hanky Park' was a name given to an area of Salford bounded by Hankinson Street. It consisted of row upon row of terraced houses, corner shops and pubs and not a few pawn shops.

Barry Wrote this great song celebrating the community spirit that was wiped away in the slum clearances, when everyone was forced into the despised tower blocks.

The area was immortalised by Walter Greenwood in his novel 'Love On the Dole'

'Mild and Bitter Days' celebrates the great British boozer and it's varied clientele.

The particular 'Red Lion' referenced in the song (and pictured in the video) is the Red Lion in Prestwich where Barry and others played and sang in the 1970s.

'Salford Lad' was written in response to a number of lenient sentences handed down to offenders and some unusual ways of dealing with offenders, including sending them on a cruise. Barry wishes to make it known that he does not condone such methods (he favours the death penalty!)


Ken and Ruth Powell Videos

A superb mix of folk and acoustic music

Providing a superb combination of songs from the 1930's, to the traditional folk song and English/American contemporary music giving concerts that will appeal to almost every audience.   

Whilst Ruth and Ken go out as a duo predominantly, they also continue tour each year as 'The Riskies' (aka Risky Business).
A collaboration with their oldest and much loved friend Dave Walmisley.

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