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the paul graney archive

The word 'Legend' is, these days, very over-used. However, in terms of  folk music, and heritage, I have no hesitation in describing Paul Graney as A Legend', and would probably go as far as adding the other, over-used expression 'in his own lifetime'

Sadly, the full scale of what Paul achieved was never realised until after his death.

It was left to his two good friends Barry Seddon and Dave Hall (both, sadly no longer with us) to begin the mammoth task of listening to, cataloguing and then trying to rescue the hundreds of reel-to reel and cassette tapes and written notes which he had left behind.

In order to help fund the work involved in digitising Paul's archive The Star Inn Folk Club instigated a series of 'Paul Graney Seasons' during the summer months when audiences were often at a low ebb. By 'encouraging artistes to perform for little or, in most cases, no money, for eight years or more each 10 week season successfully raised money to go towards the painstaking task which Barry and Dave had taken on.

Not content with that burden, Barry (a newspaper journalist who for years was Manchester's Voice of Folk in the Manchester Evening News) also trawled through Paul's notes and, in a series of recorded interviews, traced his entire life story in what was to become his biography 'One Bloke'

To listen to a taste of  Paul Graney's Life's Work,  follow the link to an account of an event which took place at Manchester Central Library's 'Archive Plus' and another website about him and,  from there, you can find links to the full archive.


the mike harding radio shows


Mike Harding was the presenter of the folk programme on BBC Radio 2 until the end of 2012.


Following his departure from 'The Beeb' he set up shop in the shed at the bottom of his garden to present his own online show 'The Mike Harding Folk Show'


Eventually this in turn came to an end. Mike explains why;


'This was mostly because the workload of single-handedly researching,  producing, recording, editing and mixing the shows was frankly becoming a bit too much for one man – particularly if that man also wanted to live a life.


Along the way I made more than 250 programmes which, when added to the shows I made for the BBC means I’ve made around 1,000 folk broadcasts. Not bad for a banjo player.


But after a few weeks I found that I was itching to get back in front of the mic to share the wonderful music that was still coming my way.


Consequently I am now podcasting a 2hr special every month or so of the best folk and roots releases – together with the occasional “special” like the recent St Patrick’s Day special on Irish music in Manchester.

So keep checking in, keep listening – and if you follow the folk show on Facebook you’ll see that I post news of the new shows regularly on there.'

Sadly, the BBC have not maintained the links to

enable the shows to be listened to. However,

the listings are still there, and they themselves

might be of interest for anyone looking for

information about songs or artists.


Also on the BBC page you will find information 

about the Annual Folk Awards. These include

links to listen to some of the music.To view

the information about  the BBC shows or

Mike's 'home made' series follow the links


the roger liptrott photo collection


Roger Liptrott is a professional photographer with a passion for folk music. In combining these two elements he has composed an impressive collection of photographs of folk artistes, most of which were taken during performances.

In addition his site has sections about Venues, What's on 'Folk Music in the North West', Radio SAhows, Magazines and other snippets of interest to folk entghusiasts.

michael billington photographs


These photographs were donated to the site by Michael Billington of Epona Records.

Most of the photographs were taken by Mike himself over a period of years from the 70's.