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Up to date information about authors and their publications and projects in development from Bedford Falls Publications, the publishing arm of All Things Considered.


Find out how to bring your own project to publication with the help of Bedford Falls Publishing.

Simple, effective publication from the initial idea to the finished product, at a price everyone can afford.


Lynn Walton

Geoff Higginbottom

Allan Phillips

Jim Redikin

Mike Cooper

Martin Gittins

Joy Wassell Timms

Michelle Cantliff

David Gray



Eric Hargreaves

Bartley Smith



They say everyone has at least one story in them, waiting to be told. The authors here all knew that themselves, or were encouraged by others to realise the fact.


Some were keen from the start to share their ideas with a wider readership whilst others had to be coaxed into committing their words to print.


What they have in common is that they all worked successfully with Bedford Falls Publications to bring their books to fruition.


Now, the question is, 'Is it my turn? Do I have a story itching to be told, a reminiscence that I'd love to share, or a passion I'd be confident to write about for the benefit of others.

Whether it's a historic novel, a factual description of a hitherto untold event, a children's book, a collection of verse or essays or even an illustrated book about your favourite subject or hobby, there is a way into print for you.

Bedford Falls Publications is keen to hear from you and to guide you through the process. 

We've done it for ourselves, and we can do it for you.

To explore the possibilities in the first instance contact me, Martin Gittins on or by phone if you prefer on 07760 430 577

'have written poetry as a hobby from being 10 years old, when one of my poems was published in the Manchester Evening News. I have been published in several anthologies most notably Virago Press and I perform at open mics regularly. Some of my poems can still be seen on YouTube particularly those from “Evidently Salford”. Other regular performances are at Malaga Drift in Eccles and on Salford City Radio. I write a wide variety of poetry, from risqué to humorous to more serious.

I was delighted when Martin offered to help me collect together and publish some of my work'. Lynn Walton


'I first encountered Lynn's poetry when she came to the 'All Things Considered Acoustic Session' at the Eagle Inn, Salford.

She proved very popular with the other performers as well as the audience and, during the lockdown she became a regular contributor to our online 'Zoom!' sessions.

I am delighted to present her works to a wider audience'. Martin Gittins





Geoff's epic saga tells the seemingly endless tale of Geroff as he travels through history and the world seeking the solution to all mankind's problems.

In 8 volumes, the story unfolds with biblical proportions and in a blatantly biblical style as Geroff and his motley crew of associates wander like the lost tribe through the pages of history both factual and farcical.

You will be amazed!


Biographical details to follow


In contrasting style Geoff recounts the story of his ancestor Edwin Higginbottom. Edwin's diaries were sent to his family in England after his death in Gondokoro, Southern Sudan.

At the time of his death he was the engineer to Sir Samuel White Baker who was working to eradicate the slave trade on the Nile River.

The aim of the book is to bring Edwin's story to a wider audience in recognition of the huge contribution he made to Baker's expedition.

N. B. This title was not published by Bedford Falls Publications.




'These tales from my Collyhurst childhood in the 1950's

started out as Facebook posts to a local group, around 2016.

This was not a particularly happy time in my life,

I had no idea how Facebook worked and had absolutely

no experience on a computer or keyboard, but somehow,

I managed to post a story and it soon became apparent

that people liked the stuff I did.

I was honestly overwhelmed by the support from the

readers and I thank everyone who has shown so much

interest,  I can't put into words how much it has meant to me.

Thank you all.

Now my tales have made it to print, and I must thank

Martin Gittins for that, because without the kind approach

from him and his technical know-how and skills,

this would never have happened, thank you Martin, you are a star.

Finally, I would like to dedicate the publications to two very special ladies in my life, both taken far too soon.

My precious late wife Jennifer who passed away in 2006 aged 56, and my dear long-suffering mam, Doris who passed away in 1973 aged just 51.

Two of the bravest ladies in my life. God rest their souls.'  Allan Phillips.



I' first came across Allan’s writing in March 2021 when I was researching for a book about the history of Collyhurst.

I am always on the lookout for stories by local people about local subjects and had already published a number of small ‘memoirs’ by other North Manchester residents.

I knew Allan had quite a following on Facebook and so I offered to help him bring his stories to publication. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do'. Martin Gittins.



'A summer’s walk brought me to Stand Church graveyard and a monument bearing four sculptured heads. To my surprise the inscription proclaimed the deceased were “of Newton Heath”, an area of Manchester known to me. The names combined on the monument matched those of a street and a passageway in Newton Heath, which have always held a fascination for me. Thirty years after leaving the area I was confronted with their origins.

It was this encounter which planted the seed for a retirement project. 

With the help of the Archivist at Stand I was able to pursue my interest. I made discoveries about the family which started on the streets of Ancoats in the early 19th century. After moving to Newton Heath the story developed into an intergenerational family saga. 

In February 2021 I approached Martin Gittins for advice on achieving my ambition. His experience of the process was a comfort as I moved through each stage. The seed planted more than 15 years earlier, which grew in terms of research notes, finally yielded fruit this summer with the production of “It’s Not My Vault"'.  Jim Redikin.


'When Jim contacted me about his project I was delighted to be of help to him. I explained how I had worked with a printing company to produce my own books and talked him through the process of layout, registration with the National Library and provision of an ISBN so that his book met the requirements of book shops.

The final product is a fine story of research and determination to uncover the story behind a chance encounter  fifteen years ago'. Martin Gittins.



'I’ve always written and loved writing since childhood. I had poems published in an anthology and a poetry magazine at 19. Since then I’ve continued to publish in magazines and read at Open mic sessions in pubs and cafes in Manchester and Stockport. I run a Writing group and Open mic events at Burnage Library where I’m Writer in Residence.' Joy Wassell Timms.

'Joy approached me following the success of The anthologies I had published for her friend,  Lynn Walton.  We worked together on the formatting and presentation of her poems and these two books are the result'. Martin Gittins



Martin Gittins is a retired Deputy Headteacher and he has been writing, and latterly publishing, books for about 30 years.

The first publication was written in conjunction with the Crumpsall Local History Study Group, of which he was the tutor during the mid 1980s. and described a circular walk from Crumpsall Green. 30 years later, following his retirement, he completed the set of walks 'From The Green' and there are now 6 booklets in the series.

In  2006 he wrote the history of St Chad's Church, Cheetham, the Catholic mother church of Manchester.

This was followed shortly afterwards by 'Mark Addy's Irwell' which described the exploits of Mark Addy, who is credited with having saved in excess of fifty souls from drowning in the River Irwell. 

Bedford Falls Publications was created to publish both Martin's books and those by others who he met as a result of his interest in local history; 'Smedley, the Forgotten Suburb' 'A Crumpsall Childhood' 'Life Everlasting' 'Crumpsall Chronicles' 'The Irish and Peterloo' .

Recently Martin has continued his own research and writing and he has also been searching out other authors and encouraging them to bring their work to print. In 2021 he published three of his own Local History books - 'A History of Crumpsall' (based on the 'From the Green series) 'A History of Cheetham Hill Road' and 'A History of Collyhurst and Harpurhey' He is now embarking on a number of other projects which will, hopefully, come to fruition later in 2021 or early in 2022.

In addition, Bedford Falls publications have assisted three authors to publish their work. Jim Redikin, with his story 'It's Not My Vault', Allan Phillips with his two books about 'This Collyhurst Kid' and Lynn Walton, with her trilogy of poetry anthologies.

We are always on the lookout for new authors with a story to share and look forward to expanding the collection of books available in future years.

Eric Hargreaves (published posthumously)

Eric Hargreaves was a keen and enthusiastic member of the Crumpsall Local History Study Group which ran for several years in the mid 1980s at Crumpsall Lane Junior School. Each week, Eric would come to the meetings with a sheaf of papers recounting events from his childhood, from 1902, when he moved to Crumpsall with his family and started to attend the school.

His memories were detailed and entertaining and, each week they would be typed up and distributed to the members.

I decided to publish his stories in a small booklet but, before I was able to do so, he was tragically killed in a traffic accident in front of the school. His writing remained untouched in a file.

Some thirty years later I rediscovered them and decided to publish them posthumously as part of a small project I had embarked upon to organise and utilise many years of accumulated information about Crumpsall.

The end result was 'A Crumpsall Childhood' which, although modest in size has gone on to prove a popular book, selling in excess of 100 copies.


Bartley Smith (published posthumously)

Bartley Smith, who lived on Tyson Street in Crumpsall, started his working life at the age of fourteen when he was taken on as an assistant to a carter in Crumpsall.

He soon progressed to being his own boss and his stories relate the varied experiences he had as a youth and a young man.

They were originally printed and distributed in a very basic form and I came across a copy somewhere I can't now recall.

Despite extensive enquiries, I could find nothing more about either Bartley, or who had produced the booklet of his stories. I tried to trace his descendants but without success.

Eventually I went ahead and re-published the work in its new format.



Known around Salford as The Smokeytop Poet - a name given to her by MicK Coleman, who wrote Matchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Dogs - Michelle performs her poems in a wide variety of locations and settings, including on her own radio show on Salford City Radio.

In this anthology she brings together a selection of themes from her own childhood and her observations of people, places and life in general.

smokeytop front cover.png


david gray_edited.jpg

David Seagray is the pen name of Tau Interfaith Franciscan Rev. David Gray.

He and his wife Elaine have several children and grandchildren and live in Sally-Manc land, as David likes to call the kissing cousin cities of Manchester and Salford where he lives and works when not in his spiritual home of Alba, also known as Caledonia – the land to the north that Sassenachs call Scotland. 

His other works include poetry and song lyrics for various bands and artists – he has appeared with several bands and is known as the Punk Monk on the Sally-Manc music scene. David is also, under his own name, the author of “The Great Apes of Belle Vue”, which outlines his experience of communication with great apes and is available online and in the shop at St. Francis monastery in Gorton, which he helped to restore after years of dereliction.

As David Seagray, he has also written the young adult “Pen and Moke” grimoire novel “All Hallowed”, about a young witch who helps unite the creatures, the living and the dead to fight corporate greed and global warming. Further books in the Pen and Moke series are underway. 

gray front cover_edited.jpg


 Mick Coleman wrote Matchstalk Men And Matchstalk Cats And Dogs  as a poem, which was then turned into a song, and reached number one in the charts in March 1978.


This anthology brings together a selection of Mick's other poems, written over a lifetime.


mick book cover.jpg



Hugh Sandy Cameron started writing poetry during Covid Lockdown. He set himself a target of a poem a day and he hasn't stopped since. Hugh lives on The Wirral and shares his poetry at spoken word events around the northwest. This is his first book.

When asked for a title he said 'Musings is a good word!'

Sandy's Cover Printer's Copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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