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Throughout the course of history, a large number of societies have been invaded from outside and enslaved by their new masters. The reasons for such invasions are many and varied but are almost always built on greed.

The folklore of most peoples who have suffered from being incarcerated within their own realm tells of a great saviour who will appear from their midst and free them from tyranny. The Messiah, when he shows himself, will be believed by few and followed by even fewer.

Although small in number, those dedicated to the cause of the Messiah will follow him without question and have total trust in the ancient scripts that foretold his coming. Only with the assistance of these disciples will the Messiah be able to achieve his goal and free his people.

This is the story, set far into the future, of one such Messiah whose advent is foreseen and documented within the ancient writings of his ancestors. It is also the story of a man who dedicates his life to seeking out the chosen one.

This is the story of Tomos the Dreamer. 

Tomos The Dreamer

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