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A range of Tee-Shirts, Liberty Caps and Peterloo Maps are available from the main website

The original Tee-Shirts depict the proposed memorial design by Cruikshank, surrounded by the last few stanzas of The Masque of Anarchy. The original design was by Mary Carroll.

The Peterloo Map - in the style of the Manchester Tram Network Map of 2016 was conceived, researched and designed by Martin Gittins and the artwork was produced by Polyp (Paul Fitzgerald) the 'stops' on the lines indicate the names of those people who were killed (All Upper Case) or injured (Upper and Lower Case) and these are located as closely as possible to where they lived. The design is available as either a poster or a Tee-Shirt.

The Heart and Sabre embroidered Tee-Shirt design was created by Polyp (Paul Fitzgerald) The same design is also available as a leather badge.

The 'Woolly Hat' Liberty Cap is available with a 'brim up' or 'brim down' design. Both these and the Baseball Cap are available only in red and are embroidered with the word 'LIBERTY' on the front.

N.B. All these products are exclusive to and only available from or at selected events.

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