After a number of false starts I think my website is now fully linked to my domain name all-things-considered.org (N.B not .org.uk, just .org) If you haven't had a look before please pop over and see what you think, and maybe leave a comment - I think that bit should work as well! There are a few new products in The Corner Shop, and information about a great concert coming up in February, on the Events page. If you are looking for Interesting People there's a page just for you. If you'd like to be added to the page, let me know. That's it for now, hope to hear some feedback soon.

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I'm trying to link my website blog with my Facebook account. This is a test. You may safely ignore it. Thank you.


Details are now finalised for this exciting concert coming up in exactly one month's time. Saturday 11th February. Have a look at the 'EVENTS' page on the website for all the names and faces. all-things-considered.org TICKETS NOW ON SALE FROM THE WEBSITE OR THROUGH 'TICKETSOURCE' (JUST SEARCH FOR LIVE MUSIC ON THE 11th FEB - EASY!) :-)

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